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NEW KT Tape Pro lasts longer, sticks better
and supports like never before.

KTTape Pro
KTTape Australia


After years of helping athletes perform to their potential by alleviating pain and speeding recovery to injured areas, KT Tape is going Pro! As the world’s first and only 100% synthetic kinesiology tape, KT Tape Pro provides pain relief and support for hundreds of common muscle, joint, and tendon related pains and injuries, and it does so for days at a time. With stronger adhesive and a synthetic elastic core, KT Tape Pro takes away the pain, so you can focus on the burn. Here are a few things that separate Pro from cotton kinesiology tapes.


KT Tape Pro doesn't stop working.
Not even when you do. Engineered to perform in the harshest environments, Pro has the tenacity to last for an entire week, through multiple runs, daily showers, in humidity, cold, or in the pool.
It features a patented SecondSkin Adhesive that will go as long as you do, andno offenseprobably longer.

KTTape Pro
KTTape Australia


As you’ve no doubt often heard, core strength
is fundamental to peak performance. This is true
for tape, too. KT Tape Pro’s core strength is second
to none. Its proprietary synthetic elastic core
delivers superior performance, and doesn’t let up.


KT Tape Pro’s stronger elastic core retains its elasticity far better
over time than cotton kinesiology tape. This means it will provide strong
support, for as long as you’re exercising, and then some.
Like top athletes, it relies on both strength and endurance to get the job done.

KT Tape pro is also 100% waterproof, 100% sweat proof Unlike cotton tapes
or braces, KT Tape Pro can be worn comfortably in the shower, in the pool,
or while riding big waves at Mavericks. You triathletes, swimmers, surfers,
and sailors are sure to appreciate it.

KTTape Pro
KTTape Australia


Synthetic microfibers are fast drying and provide superior weight-to-strength ratios.
These fibers are also naturally anti-microbial, which allows for comfortable extended wear without the funk.


I strips tend to provide better support and therapeutic results than Y strips.
They also last longer and have fewer edges to snag on things.
If you prefer Y strips, however, you can cut KT Tape Pro without fear of fraying edges.
Each roll contains 20 25cm x 5cm (10" x 2") strips. No cutting required.

KTTape Pro
KTTape Australia


Be seen. Be safe. KT Tape Pro features reflective elements that add
even more function to its form. Perfect for use in low-light conditions,
road training, and reflecting the flash of action-shot paparazzi.


KT Tape Pro comes in 10 colors: Jet Black, Laser Blue,
Winner Green, Stealth Beige, Solar Yellow, Hero Pink,
Epic Purple, Rage Red, Sonic Blue and Blaze Orange.
The colors are so you can style yourself out.
At its heart, it’s all KT Tape Pro.

KTTape Australia


KT Tape Pro comes in a permanent carrying case. It’s great for the gym bag and hundreds of other useful things. Use if for everything from training gear to good luck charms.
Be creative and tell us what you’re doing with it.


Using an acrylic based, medical grade adhesive means that
KT Tape Pro is gentle on skin. That means you can scratch
your itch to exercise without having to scratch the itch
that often comes with braces and traditional athletic tape.

KTTape Pro


Regular KT Tape and KT Tape Pro are both used to prevent and treat pain and injury, and they are applied in exactly the same way. So how do you know which is best for you? The ‘best’ option depends on how you plan to use it. If you want it to last for an entire week, through multiple runs, daily showers, in the humidity, cold, or in the pool then KT Tape Pro is just what the trainer ordered. If you just need something for light use, or for sensitive areas of the body, regular KT Tape is best.

KTTape Pro
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